Thursday, March 19, 2020


In light of the fears and concerns regarding the world-wide COVID19 virus, I thought I'd keep things light this month by talking about humor in photography.

Whenever I am out and about with my camera, I'm always on the lookout for the humor in life--the kind of humor that can be interpreted through a photographic image.  The subjects or situations that make me laugh or smile include the surreal, the unexpected, unintended messages, the funny or simply cute.

In today's self-quarantined, paranoid, and fearful condition, I hope my images bring a laugh or smile to you, whether you're at work, at home or out and about as you keep your social distance from others.  

I stopped at a convenience store to gas up. After I went inside, and before I paid, I decided to look for a protein bar to eat on the road. As I walked around the small store, I saw this. I asked the owner what the cat's name was. He said, "Mr. Pibbs."

We're not the only ones "stocking up." Do you think this will carry him over until after hibernation? I didn't know squirrels could open their mouths that wide!

I will let you interpret this sign. I don't know about you, but it made me wonder what the juxtaposition of those two words was trying to say. Hmm? 

I was in the parking lot walking to my car after doing some shopping. I promise, I did not stage this. This is exactly what I saw. Message: Don't dog and drive!!

I saw this scenario during a visit to Switzerland about ten years ago. I call it "Salvador Dali Bike." Remember Dali's melting clocks? Were the tires "melted" before or after the bike was locked to that fence? 

Are these real-life examples of what we call "Love Birds?"


Even in the animal kingdom families make appointments for their "family picture." 

Awww, that feels so good! 

Whatcha lookin' at? 

Oh, come on, this will be fun.

Okay, I'm done!

I hope these images brought you some laughs, or at least a smile. Keep your spirits and hopes high. We will get through this. Stay safe and strong. 


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