Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Photography: Same Subject, Different Renditions

My three years of majoring in art in college have had a strong influence in my photography. That is only one reason I refer to myself as a photo artist. There are three art forms in particular that have had an impact on me: Surrealism, Impressionism, and Pointillism. Sometimes, I will create two or three renditions of the same subject. Here is just one of many examples. You can find some my other Surrealistic and Impressionistic renditions on my website--www.elivega.net.

This example started as a "concept image," i.e., I had this concept in my mind to portray a scene that would allow the imagination to fill in the blanks; to complete the untold story. The story concept was a man and a woman enjoying a pleasant afternoon, talking, and sipping wine in the gardens. My concept included some key "props"-- a Wall Street Journal, a woman's hat, table and chairs, and, of course, a garden. 

 My first rendition I call, "Evening In The Gardens" © Eli Vega

  This is my Impressionism rendition, "Monet In The Gardens." © Eli Vega

  This is my Pointillism rendition, "A Tuesday Afternoon In The Gardens" © Eli Vega 

As Chic Thompson once said, "The mind is the birthplace of limitations."