Thursday, September 26, 2019


Before I share with you the photographic notion behind this phrase, do you know where the phrase originated? Its origin comes from the world of journalism. The original phrase was actually, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Find out more here.

So, now back to my tip of the month. When it comes to photo images, maybe it's not a thousand words we're talking about, but certainly several words that are part of a message, a translation, a feeling, a question, or maybe just a thought. We all have photos in our collection with that inherent quality. 

In this month's tip, I will share some images that have resonated with people. Look at them and ask, "What do I see? What do I feel?" What goes through your mind? What questions do they beg? The messages to these questions are different for all of us. They are our messages. What are your messages?

Let's start with this image. It was midday when I saw this homeless man. He was just quietly sitting, like contemplating life. I asked him if he' mind if I took his picture; that I found him very interesting. He said, "I didn't even shave this morning." Before I got this shot, I asked him, "What do you think of when you think of happy moments?" He quietly and softly replied, "My daughter. I don't get to see her much anymore." 

                                                             "Nowhere Man"

The harsh midday lighting mimicked his harsh life conditions.

It was early morning. A thick fog was still hovering over the landscape as I saw this scenario along a quiet hardly traveled county road. What do you see? What do you feel?

I'll let you stare at this next image first before I tell you the story behind the image.

This novel-like man was reading his paper and looking at paperwork as he sipped his coffee inside a Starbucks. True story. I photographed him through the store window. As I always do, I went inside and asked him if I could "take his picture."  

I got up extremely early this day to see what the Kings River in northern Arkansas might look like at that time, right before sunrise. The sun was just breaking the horizon when I created this image. What are your messages?

I thought I'd let you see this one first without an introduction. What do you see, feel,
hear, or think about when you see this woman sitting on her plastic bucket as she enjoys her early-morning fishing? Sometimes, the quieter, slower parts of life are the most enjoyable.

As I saw this early morning sunrise over the Ozarks in Arkansas, a feeling of tranquility enveloped me. Photography allows me to capture, to freeze moments in life; moments I may never see or feel again.

Some images, like this last example, just beg questions? What questions does it beg from you? How many words does it paint?

Sometimes, I know exactly why I point my camera at any given situation. However, at times my subconscious leads my mind, which leads me to point my camera at certain scenarios, places, or people. My conscious mind simply follows that lead, and it's not until after I look at my image that the message appears. For the image above, the questions for me are: Who is she? Why is she there alone? Where is she going? Where is she coming from? Why is she dressed like that? What are your questions?  

So, go out there and photograph people, places, cityscapes, landscapes, flora .....and follow your inner guide. Life is full of messages--capture them! 

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