Thursday, September 6, 2012


I was recently asked in one of the many classes I teach around the Boulder/Denver, Colorado area, "What would you say is your signature?" He, of course, meant what am I known for? What sets me apart? That is a very good question. My answer was, "I am an artist first; photographer second."

I stress this point in my classes and workshops, as well as when I make presentations to local camera clubs. I create my images in my head; in my imagination, way before I decide what my composition will be, what f/stop I'll choose, or my exposure. I start with my final image in mind, then work backwards to create it.

In this case, I saw this really neat original historic Conestoga-type wagon in front of the museum in Breckenridge, Colorado. Imagine this: there are tons of people walking around the public, pedestrian-friendly area in front of the museum. The wagon is partly covered by nearby aspen trees, but very visible from one side. The wagon itself is photo-worthy, but my artistic tendencies took over and I extracted only a small but artistic portion of it--one of the front wheels surrounded by late summer flowers over the Labor Day weekend.

I studied Impressionism during my art days in college. One of my "signatures" is my creation of impressionistic photo images. I use several techniques to accomplish this, including double exposures. Enjoy my Impressionistic wagon wheel.