Friday, February 21, 2014


In my upcoming book, RIGHT BRAIN PHOTOGRAPHY (Be an artist first), I spend a lot of time on my 5-point photo art model. One of those points is surrealism. Just last year I made a slide presentation to a camera club entitled "Impressionism & Surrealism Through Photography," which was a precursor to my book. After my presentation, one of the club members came up to me and commented about my surrealistic images."You know," she said, "I've seen a lot of similar scenes like you showed, but I just kept walking. I'm going to slow down next time." 

I studied the Surrealists during my three years as an art major at Texas Tech University. Ever since I first picked up a camera, I have been incorporating the concepts and characteristics of surrealism into my photography. Like Salvador DalĂ­, I make the common uncommon and can turn the sane insane.

Here is but one example of my surrealistic photo art. The artist, Chula Walker-Griffith, called it "Rain Forest of Gabon." Unfortunately, that rain forest, and the restroom, no longer exist.   
I call my interpretation, "It's A Jungle In There." I had to work fast with my tripod and 17mm lens, before people got suspicious and started knocking on the door.

So, go out there and try your hand at surrealistic photography. Look for unexpected juxtaposition of themes, people, animals, objects, and other stuff--you define "stuff."   

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